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2019 Catalog

2019 Catalog
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Steiger Tractor Series III Hydraulic

(original version with color)
 1: System Principles & Diagnosis -General and System Information (1.1-1.5)
-Operation of Priority Valve (1.5-1.14)
-Operation of Steering Valve & System (1.16-1.30)
-Operation Flow Reg. & Main Relief Valves (1.30-1.42)
-Operation of Imp. Control & Vent Vales, and Filters (1.43-1.60)
-Cooling & Accessory Circuts and Laser Control Sys. (1.61-1.67)
 2: Troubleshooting, Testing & Adjusting -Spec, Troubleshooting, Safety, & Imp. Circut Eval. (2.1-2:12)
-Pump/Relief Valve Testing & Main Relief Valve Adj. (2.12-2.21)
-Testing Priority & Steering Valve Performance (2.21-2.44)
-Flow Reg, Detent, and 2nd Relief Valve (2.45-2.49)
-Sys. Decontamination & Circuit Relief, Flow Divider (2.50-2.57)
-Troubleshooting Guide (2.59-2.63)
3: Major Inspection and Failure Analysis -General Info, Pump Characteristic, Failure Analysis  (3.1-3.16)
-Steering Valve Inspection & Analysis (3.16-3.21)
Directions: Each of the above links take you to the contents page of the respective section.  Each of the 3 contents pages has links that guide you to the respective group.

K598 Axles

1: Raba K598.00/10 Axles -Final Drive disassembly, assembly, and installation
-Hub Seal Replacement
-Differential disassembly, assembly, and installation
2. Raba K598.20/30
3. Raba K598.60/70 Seal Replacement

S34 & S40 Axles

S34/40 Axle -Final Drives


Electrical Schematics Series 2/3


Brake Setup -ST III caliper and multi-disk stack
-Late ST/PT/PTA Series 3 all Series 4

Parts Manual

CA/CU Tractors CA/CU Series are very similar to a PTA, but there are some differences.  This can help you understand a little more about this tractor. (13 Meg file, right click "save target as")
-Parts Book

Owners Manual

PT Tractors Series III PT Models (10 Meg file, right click "save target as")

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