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Tractors and Misc. Equipment for Sale



ST225 Bearcat III, 10621hrs, $12500   SOLD

Engine: Cat 3306 (turbo)
Transmission-Transfercase: 20spd
Tires: 18.4x38
     Paint is above average, some rust
Belt drive, electric clutch operated Hydraulic pump for use with air seeders.  Extra belt drive pump provides the extra flow needed and does not compete with the steering and rear couplers for hydraulic flow.    


Versatile 875, ~8000hrs,  $12500   SOLD

Engine: Cummins 855 (turbo)
Transmission: 12spd
Tires: 20.8x38
     Cab is in good condition
     Paint is faded, no rust


ST251 Cougar III, 9827hrs, $12500  SOLD

Engine: Cummins 855 (turbo)
Transmission-Transfercase: 20spd
Tires: 20.8x38
     Cab is in good condition, seat is like new
     Faded Paint


CM280 Cougar IV, 7022hrs,  $18000  SOLD

Engine: Cat 3406
Transmission-Transfercase: 20spd
Tires: 23.1x34 Duals
     Cab and Paint are good.
     Air ride seat


9180 PowerShift & PTO  9276 hrs  SOLD

This 9180 tractor is on the way to being disassembled.  Contact BTP if you are looking for the following.
Engine: Cummins 855
Key Feature: PTO  ***Get it now or you may not get a chance, PTO takeouts are rare***
Tractor Condition:
     Cab is better then average, the seat still has the plastic cover
     20.8x42" dual tiger style rim and new 20.8x42 tires
     Paint is faded
     This unit is available because a busted driveshaft tore apart the front of the transmission, including pump mounts and some transmission shafts.


Cougar ST280,  S#111-02044   $16000  SOLD 

Engine: Cat 3406 with NEW TURBO
Transmission: 10spd Spicer with 2 speed transfercase
     Paint excellent
     Stationary transfercase
     Newer style brake system with 2 large calipers
     Engine sounds very good--new turbo
     Cab is better then average
     24.5x32" dual tires


PTA280  S# 154-01522   $22,500    SOLD

Engine: Cummins 855,    6252hrs
Transmission: Allison 5pd + w/2spd Transfercase
     Paint is good (8 out of 10)
     Cab is very good (9 out of 10)-air ride seat
 Extra: (not included in price)
     Three point hitch can be added at customers request


9130,  S# 17901557   $35000   SCRAPED

Engine: Cummins 8.3 (recent reman)
Transmission: 12spd Powershift
     Paint excellent (10 out of 10)
     Strong 12spd Transmission
     Steerable axle (front axle pivots)
     Early model 9130's were built with the same axle as the 9150
     Cab is good (8 out of 10)
     18.4x38 w/duals   ~60%



Bearcat KM225,  S#112-03385  7500hrs  $14000    SOLD

Engine: Cummins L10 (starts and sounds excellent)
Transmission: 10spd Spicer with 2 speed transfercase
     Paint not perfect (7 out of 10)
     2 Spd Stationary Transfercase
     Rebuilt 10spd Transmission
     Good brake system with 2 large calipers
     Engine Starts and Sounds very good
     Cab is better then average
     23.1x34" dual tires ~80%
     Near new electric Air Ride seat
     Rebuilt Axles



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