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   -We are the only place to find brand new steering columns for Case Steiger, Versatile, and certain Challenger tractor Models.


Electronics and Controls:  New & Reman Replacement Components and Repair Services
     Repair Services:  Some early transmission controls and displays are nearly impossible to replace.  Specifically the controllers for all 1000 Series Steiger Powershifts and the Display Readouts for 1000 Series Steigers & Manual Shift Case Steigers.  We have successfully developed testers and test procedures to determine when these components are failing and how to repair them. 

     New: SECC Enclosures and Control Cards (1, 5, 6, 7, & 8), AC Mode Switches, Micro and Hall Effect Switches

     Reman:  Blower Control Modules and SECC Display (Panther CP/KP and some very early 9170/80 tractors). We have these items in stock for immediate shipment.  Your component will need to be returned to us.

We have decades of experience selling clutches for Steiger tractors.  Thanks to the expertise of our supplier we have found a way to make a clutch for the 1150 Versatile.  Contact us for details!      

-Replacement shaft kit for the 470 Tiger III Tractors w/ KTA 1150.  The old shaft is obsolete, but we have a solution that will update it to what is now commonly used in almost all 4wd tractors.
-New Replacement Transmission Input Drive Shaft for the 1000 series Steigers through 93XX CaseIH models


TIGER TRACTORS:  We have New Calipers, Caliper Repair Kits, and Brake Booster/Master cylinders in stock
-***Now we have a solution for Pre 1980 model Versatile tractors.  This solution will provide you with a brand new caliper and the mounting brackets to install it.
-Caliper and mounting kits for obsolete aluminum calipers on all series 2 and series 3 Steiger tractors w/ single speed t-case and most Pre 1980 Versatile tractors.  BTP provides all the mounting brackets and hardware needed to install this new and improved caliper.  We can even provide you with a caliper that has the lever actuated parking brake built in (Park brake feature not available on Versatile).  This saves you money, especially if you are dealing with a damaged/missing parking brake caliper. 
-NEW replacement Calipers for all Series 4 models through 93XX CaseIH Steiger tractors and Versatile 4wd tractors built after 1980.

12 Speed Powershift Reman
BTP has made the necessary investments to start a true reman program for powershift transmission
     *Test stand:  Every transmission reman goes through a test to make sure is runs and shifts smoothly.  Our test machine includes a 300hp engine and dyno to model real world conditions.
     *Qualified Mechanics:  Experienced in trouble shooting and rebuilding powershifts
     *Core Exchange:  We almost never rejects a customer's core.
     *NEW BTP Components:  We build/stock new shafts, gears, disks, etc so we can always supply you with a quality reman at a consistant price.
     *Inventory:  We work hard to make sure we have assembled transmissions ready to be shipped immediately
     *Range Shift Valve: We now sell the Valve assembly with reman valves or all new solenoid valves (See Catalog pg 6)
     *Lube Pumps:  We sell the large 14 spline and the smaller 13 spline lube pumps.



Many hard to find parts for K594 axles

-We keep an inventory of the axle parts needed for the Tiger III tractors as well as the Tiger IV/9190 models. 

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Big Tractor Parts is not affiliated with Case IH, Caterpillar, Agco, Challenger, Versatile, Raba, Spicer, Dana, Eaton, Twin Disc, or Clark in any way.  Unless specifically stated otherwise all new items sold or advertised are not produced by those Companies listed above.  Big Tractor Parts is solely responsible in defining and executing the terms of warranty.